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Aviation Maintenance Professionals (A.M.P.) is a piston engine aircraft repair facility owned and operated by Embry Riddle Graduate Joe Yezek, an  AP / IA with over 18 years experience. Joe has spent the last 15 years working in general aviation at Stuart Florida's Witham Field for a Cessna service center, before opening his own shop in Okeechobee, and then recently moving it to Fort Pierce (KFPR).

A.M.P. has the experience, tooling and knowledge to perform a variety of tasks such as engine changes, inspections, sheet metal repairs, troubleshooting-
even aircraft detailing upon request. Joe spent 15  years working for a repair station which did a large amount of work on Piper, Cessna and Beech single and multi engine aircraft.  He also has much experience working on Part 135 aircraft and for flight schools as well, so he has a full understanding of your needs and requirements. A.M.P. provides very quick and accurate troubleshooting as well.

A.M.P. is also capable of repairing and timing  your "Slick" magnetos. When engine troubles are diagnosed to the magneto being the cause, most shops will tell you that  your "Slick" mag must be replaced because they have no experience, tooling or patience to properly disassemble a Slick Magneto. But, A.M.P. most often finds that the repair can be made replacing a few inexpensive parts such as ignition points etc, for a fraction of the cost for replacing the magneto. They have a lot of experience repairing Slick Mags. This translates into saving almost a thousand dollars per magneto!

Need corrosion treatment? Come to A.M.P. and they will do a very thorough "Corrosion X" treatment at a low cost. They have equipment that can spray an extremely fine mist of the corrosion treatment that will penetrate deeply into the smallest of hiding places inside the airframe of your aircraft. This should be done every two years if you live in a coastal area, or especially if you ever fly over salt water.


    • Our facility is located at the southwest end of taxiway E in an easy to find, easy to park area of the field.
    • We have a large ramp area with plenty of room for turning and parking, with a private driveway as the taxiway.
    • Fort Pierce Airport is International with US Customs on site.
    • Excellent location to leave the US when headed to the Bahamas.
    • Rental cars are easily obtained from APP Jet Center located on the field.

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